Schleich Glittering Flower House with Unicorns

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Schleich Glittering Flower House with Unicorns

Schleich Glittering Flower House with Unicorns sounds amazing and yet there is so much more to this beautiful play set! The Glittering Flower House from Schleich includes a lake and stable for the unicorns. There is a vegetable patch, transport basket, furniture, and many fun features for extended play.

The unicorn stable can be configured in several ways. There are so many possibilities for fantasy play with the Schleich Glittering Flower House with Unicorns! Look at all it includes:

1 x house, 1 x unicorn, 1 x unicorn foal, 1 x cloud squirrel, 1 x elf, 1 x stairs, 1 x slide, 1 x swivelling transport basket, 6 x paddocks, 1 x stable, 1 x feeding trough, 1 x lake, 1 x chest, 1 x water lily, 1 x table, 2 x chair, 2 x plate, 1 x bed, 1 x fabric duvet, 2 x plant pot, 2 x turnips, 1 x cooker, 1 x pan, 1 x dressing table with mirror, 1 x hairbrush, 4 x add-on butterfly, 4 x add-on berry, 2 x cup, 2 x flower lamp, 2 x piece of blueberry pie, 1 x cauldron, 1 x ladle, 1 x magic wand, 1 x magic potion, 1 x book, 1 x sticker sheet, 1 x assembly instructions

  • Schleich #42445
  • Ages 5-12
  • European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, DIN EN 71
  • International Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety ASTM F963-2008