SanSoleil SolCool Zip Mock Prints


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SanSoleil SolCool Zip Mock Print

Women's UPF50+ SolCool Zip Mock Print shirts from SanSoleil not only cool and protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, they boast beautiful prints to keep you on your style game. Long sleeve technical shirts with SolCool fabric reduce skin temperature by as much as 5 degrees when you perspire. The fuller cut through back and chest plus plenty of stretch allow greater comfort for active riders.

  • Cooling, wicking
  • Soft, lightweight and stretchy
  • Quarter zip neck
  • Crystal accented zipper
  • Several prints
  • 92% Polyester/8% Spandex

SanSoleil Twisted, Lady Luck, and Cosmos Zip Mocks are just the thing to wear on hot days for riding and other outdoor sports. Smooth, silky, lightweight, and stretchy, the SolCool shirts pair easily with breeches, tennis skirts, running shorts, and casual shorts. Preventing excessive sun exposure keeps your skin healthier, both immediately and for the long haul. With SanSoleil SolCool Zip Mock Print tops, you can be sun smart and style smart at the same time. Current prints include White Multi Grosgrain, Travel On The Road, Capri Dry Martini, Navy Twisted, Red Lady Luck, Black Lady Luck.



(No reviews yet)