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Riders Rasp Replacement Rasp Set- Medium or Coarse

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    The RiderRasp Replacement Rasps are a package with 2 rasps to replace the 2 rasps in your RidersRasp tool. These replacement rasps are available in your choice of Medium or Coarse. The Riders Rasp Hoof Tool at Mary's is sold separately. These replacement rasps are not designed for use without the RidersRasp. You will receive 2 total blades, both of the same coarseness level. Please choose Medium or Coarse.

    The replacement rasps will replace the 2 rasps that came with your RidersRasp. The Heller Rasps ar 52 Rockwell hardness. RidersRasp is a patented hoof smoothing and rounding tool for horse owners to use between trimmings and when a horse loses a shoe or starts to develop a crack. It is not meant to be used in place of regular professional hoof care by a farrier or trimmer, but in addition to it if needed.

    • Package of one Heller Rasp pair (2 total rasps)
    • Medium or Coarse
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