Pikeur Leather Belt

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Pikeur Leather Belt

This elegant Pikeur Leather Belt is ideal for the show ring with its classic style and sophisticated "P" for Pikeur metal buckle. Ladies black leather English horse show belt is a smart choice for any class. The high end riding accessory is not only beautiful, it's well-made and durable.

  • Genuine leather
  • Black
  • "P" silver buckle
  • European sizing

Women's Pikeur Leather Belt has a low key sophisticated look that works for everyday riding and fashion as well as competition. The buttery soft leather has a light natural texture and is stitched in black on the edges. The buckle is flat and low profile with the Pikeur name engraved on the brushed metal. Pikeur Leather Belt will add practical elegance to your show ring attire.

Size Guide - Remember to measure waist where your breech belt loops are.

75 =   waist size 26-27" / 29.5" US belt size
85 =   waist size 30-31" / 33.5" US belt size
95 =   waist size 34-35" / 37.4" US belt size
105 = waist size 38-39" / 41.3" US belt size

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