Pet Medications, Vitamins, Supplements & First Aid

Your furry friends have a whole different set of health needs than you do, which is why Mary's Tack and Feed put together this all-encompassing selection of pet vitamins, supplements and first aid products to keep Fluffy and Fido feeling their best. We love our smaller pets just as much as our horses, and this assortment of high quality products reflect that by including only the very best brand names made with the healthiest ingredients. Vitamins and supplements for dogs and cats come from top brands names like Missing Link, Cetyl M and Canine Matrix. They help to promote healthy hair and skin, support digestive health, keep bones and joints healthy and much more. If you're looking for low prices on reliable flea and tick control products, Mary's offers options from brands like Frontline, De Flea and more. This selection includes both ingestible medications and topical sprays to keep pesky and potentially dangerous insects away from your pet. Mary's also offers essential first aid supplies that every pet owner should keep on hand in case of an accident or illness. These include everything from antibacterial salves and ear solutions to gauze bandages for treating an injured paw.