Pessoa CoolWave Fly Mask

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Pessoa Coolwave Combo Fly Mask

Pessoa Coolwave Fly Mask with ears and nose provides excellent protection from biting insects and UV protection for your horse. Horse fly mask with ear coverage helps keep small annoying insects out of the ears. The longer nose piece of the Coolwave Fly Mask extends protection and is especially good for white and grey horses with pink skin at the nose who risk excess sun exposure.

Pessoa Coolwave Combo Fly Mask in standard horse and oversize/warmblood sizes is soft and comfortable for the horse to wear and stays on securely with double velcro closure under the chin. Sturdy ripstop polyester construction prevents snags and tears. The silver and blue color combination is attractive and helps reflect sunlight so the horse stays cooler.

  • Combo fly mask with nose and ears
  • Ripstop polyester
  • Silver and Light Blue
  • Horse, Warmblood sizes