PERFECT Western Saddle Pad

Total Saddle Fit

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PERFECT Western Saddle Padfrom Total Saddle Fit

The PERFECT Saddle Pad from Total Saddle Fit is a wool Western pad that offers Wither Freedom, a cutback design that removes pressure on the horse's withers. The pad creates greater spine clearance and reduces bulk under the front of the saddle that can inhibit shoulder movement. The topline of the PERFECT Saddle Pad is vented for increased airflow and a 1.5" open channel eliminates pressure for greater horse comfort.

  • Fully vented and open spine channel
  • 25mm thick 100% wool
  • Cutaway at the base for close contact feel
  • Comes with 6 total felt shims
  • Small Round 28", Medium Round 30", Medium Square 30", Large Square 32"

The PERFECT Saddle Pad from Total Saddle Fit is 25mm thick 100% wool. It includes 6 total 6mm felt shims that allow you to adjust the fit. Wear leathers add to the durability. Wool is an excellent fiber for saddle pads that wicks moisture, absorbs shock, and conforms comfortably to the horse's back. Give your horse wither relief and reduced pressure and shock with the PERFECT Saddle Pad from Total Saddle Fit.

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