Ovation Lucky Mid Calf Socks for Kids

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Ovation Kids Lucky Mid Calf Socks come in a big assortment of colors with fun designs. Children's riding socks have assorted designs, including lucky horseshoes with saddles, hearts, carrots and apples, blue ribbons, paw prints, and stars. Each pair of socks has a main color plus a contrasting color for the heel and toe. Soft and stretchy riding boot socks are a mid calf length which works especially well with paddock boots. Comfy and affordable children's socks are perfect for summer pony camp, lessons, and casual wear. 87% Cotton/ 10% Nylon/ 3% Spandex. Children's size 7-9. Colors include:

  • BLU/LTB (blue, light blue, polka dots), LTB/PNK (light blue, pink), LTGR/PK (light green/pink), MNT/PNK (mint, pink), and PUR/WHT (purple, white)
  • Not all colors and patterns pictured may be available. Some that are available are not pictured. They are all cute, however.