Om Lion's Mane- 200g

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Om Lion's Mane

Om Lion's Mane, formerly Lion's Mane Mushroom Matrix, is the same great formula with an updated name and label. If your neurological health is a concern, you should know about Om Lion's Mane supplement from the human supplement division of Mushroom Matrix. Om Lion's Mane is a medicinal mushroom that stimulates the integration of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), according to many studies. NGF is a protein that is crucial for growth, maintenance, and survival of certain nerve cells. These particular neurons include those for cognitive functions like memory, perception, and reasoning.

Medicinal mushrooms have been an integral part of Eastern medicine for centuries. Mushroom Matrix refines that tradition with its meticulously grown and harvested proprietary strains of organic mushrooms. Once harvested, the mushrooms are dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve key enzymes then exposed to UV light to naturally boost Vitamin D. The result is a raw food, vegan, and kosher supplement delivering valuable nutrients in a very small dose. Only 2 grams daily of Om Lion's Mane Matrix is enough to start you on your way to better neurological health support. A 200 gram tub of Om Lion's Mane is about 100 maintenance daily servings.

  • Om Lion's Mane, formerly Lion's Mane Mushroom Matrix
  • 200g jar