Neurogan Pet CBD Hemp Oil Drops

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Neurogan CBD/Hemp Oil Pet Drops

CBD/Hemp Oil Drops for dogs and cats is Neurogan's full spectrum oil extract produced from phytocannabinoid hemp. The all natural non-GMO wellness supplement is carefully processed to maximize benefits and does not contain THC, of course. The label in the product photo reads CBD Oil. The bottle you receive is labeled for sale in California to read Hemp Oil. It is the exact same formula!

Neurogan CBD Oil Drops for pets is easy to administer. Simply place the proper dosage amount on your dog or cat's tongue, in the ears, on a paw, or mixed with food. The palatable taste and convenience of liquid drops means your pet will reap the full benefits of the phytocannabinoid hemp. CBD Oil Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Pet Drops can be beneficial to relieve pain and inflammation, loss of appetite, and to reduce anxiety, stress, and aggression.

  • 500mg bottle with dropper
  • Dosage varies with weight of animal
  • CBD/Hemp Oil
  • Labeled Hemp Oil - it is same product as CBD Oil shown in photo