Myler Long Shank Combination Sweet Iron Twisted Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel - MB 02T - Level 1

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This 2-Ring Combination Sweet Iron Twisted Comfort Snaffle from Myler features the MB 02T mouthpiece of palatable sweet iron and a stainless steel 4.75" shank. The slight twist offers stronger communication between the rider and horse than a smooth mouthpiece does while the tongue relief provided by this level 1 bit allows the horse to swallow comfortably without the difficulty typical with traditional jointed mouthpieces because of constant tongue pressure. The natural oxidation, or rust, of the sweet iron mouthpiece increases salivation thus further improving rider/horse communication.

  • Please note: the adjustable leather noseband of the Myler 2-Ring Twisted Comfort Snaffle at Mary's Tack and Feed may vary slightly in appearance from the image shown. Size 4.75.

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