Muscle Equine Matrix 1.8kg

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Muscle Equine Matrix

Muscle formula from Equine Matrix is an all-natural mushroom- based supplement that helps promote proper muscle function and recovery. This proprietary blend of 100% certified organic California- grown medicinal mushrooms helps muscles recover faster with its antioxidant, circulation-enhancing properties. Appropriate for all levels of competition and training, Muscle Mushroom Matrix promotes natural muscle development and improves strength and power. It optimizes recovery time and may help ease aches and discomfort. All-natural Muscle by Equine Matrix is gluten-free, whole food, and vegan.

Muscle by Equine Matrix also provides natural dietary fiber, pre-biotics, and enzymes for digestive health, as well as antioxidants, chelated minerals, highly bio-available vitamins, and natural glucosamine for joint and comprehensive health.

If your horse is not already enjoying Mushroom Matrix products, a loading dose of 10 grams (one scoop to line) twice per day for 7-10 days is recommended for optimal benefit.

  • 1.8 kg tub provides 180 maintenance level doses for your horse.
  • Grown, processed and packaged in California.
  • 100% Certified organic mushrooms cultured on organic oats.

Equine Muscle Matrix Ingredients: Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), Cordyceps militaris and Pleurotus eryngii (King Trumpet).

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