Mary's Tack & Feed Yo Yo

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Mary's Tack and Feed Yo Yo

Yo yo, folks! Get your exclusive Mary's Tack & Feed Yo Yo right here! Charming little stocking toy is a wooden yo yo with the Mary's Tack and Feed name stamped on the front. The cotton string is gentle on your yo yo finger and can be adjusted by sliding the knot. Mary's Tack and Feed Yo Yo is a simple and easy toy that stands the test of time.

Maybe you're old enough to remember doing super cool yo yo tricks (Walk the Dog!) back in the day or you've never even attempted yo-yoing. Either way, you'll appreciate the surprisingly zen experience of letting the yo yo drop then reeling it back in. It's a nice way to keep your hands occupied if you're trying to stop eating Valentine's or Easter candy. Be the first kid on your block to have an authentic Mary's Tack and Feed Yo Yo and soon enough you'll hear the other kids say, "I want a Yo Yo, Ma!"

  • Wood with cotton string
  • Simple and fun
  • Perfect little gift for all ages