Mary's Botanicals Fly Spray

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Mary's Botanicals Fly Spray

A true specialty fly spray for horses, Mary's Botanicals Horse Fly Spray is made locally and hand delivered to Mary's Tack.This all natural fly repellent is carefully made in small batches right here in California. Pure and simple, with wonderful smelling natural botanicals. Great choice for horses and owners who have allergies or sensitive skin that gets irritated with chemical fly sprays. Mary's formulation does not contain pyrethrins, sodium lauryl sulfate, geraniol, lavender oil, or citronella, which are often found in natural fly sprays but can cause irritation. In addition, lavender essential oil is not permitted in some riding competitions. Mary's Botanicals Fly Spray is safe to use anywhere, anytime.

The ingredients are botanical and essential oils deemed by the EPA as minimal risk pesticides that are safe even if they get on food or horse feed. Water based natural formula is mixed with a bit of plant based, hypoallergenic soap to keep product blended without the use of chemical additives. To use, brush your horse, shake the bottle well and spray evenly on coat. You can spray it directly to your hand to apply to horse's face and ears. No need for gloves or a sponge or cloth. Safe for horses, dogs, and riders. Since essential oils are not recommended for cats, this fly spray is not suitable for use on cats.

  • 32 oz. Spray Bottle
  • Made in Bonsall, California, USA
  • Cruelty Free