Kong Equine Hanging Kit Horse Toy


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Kong Equine Hanging Kit with Treat Ring

The Kong Equine Hanging horse toy offers multiple options for your horse to play and keep himself amused. There's a loop, carabiner, and rope that provides a durable and convenient way to hang the Kong Equine in a stall or trailer. The Kong Equine Hanging enrichment toy can be placed on the ground, too, if you remove the hanging kit. The Kong Equine horse toy has a hole at the top for carrots and a larger one at the bottom for hay. There's a ring around the toy that has holes to stuff treats. Your horse will love figuring out how to get those goodies!

  • Zootooth all-natural rubber
  • Safe, non-toxic, sturdy
  • Multiple ways to use
  • Made in the USA

If your horse is on stall rest, the Kong Equine Hanging toy can keep him entertained. Take it to the shows! Horses are stabled in small stalls and can easily get bored and frustrated. You can even attach it to your saddle for a trail ride, giving your horse amusement when you reach your destination. The rope for hanging the Kong Equine is woven then cross stitched so it's extra durable. The rope is even made from material that deters chewing. Kong Equine Hanging toy is attached at a single point so it swings freely, providing a challenge for your horse. Your horse will enjoy the mental and physical stimulation and the tasty treat rewards when he engages with the Kong Equine Hanging toy.

Due to the size and weight of the Kong Equine Classic, shipping costs will be higher and product is exempt from free shipping promotions.

(No reviews yet)