Kong Equine Classic Horse Toy


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Kong Equine Classic 12" Standard Horse Toy

The Kong Equine Classic is more than a horse enrichment toy, it's a treat dispenser, boredom buster, entertainment for horses on stall rest, and more. The Kong Equine Classic is super sturdy Zootooth rubber to endure horse play. The material is flexible, all-natural, and safe. The shape of the Equine Classic Toy means it has an unpredictable bounce for greater play value.

  • Standard version
  • Zootooth all-natural rubber
  • Openings for hay and treats
  • Made in the USA

The Kong Equine horse toy has a small hole in the top for carrots and a larger hole at the bottom for hay and assorted treats. Horses love play time and the Kong Equine Classic can be used multiple ways. It can be placed in wet or dry areas, is puncture and chew resistant, and will not damage teeth. If your horse wants a little extra fun in his stall or out in the pasture, the Kong Equine Classic is ready to go! 

Due to the size and weight of the Kong Equine Classic, shipping costs will be higher and product is exempt from free shipping promotions.

(No reviews yet)