Kensington Protective Fly Boots

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Kensington Protective Fly Boots

Kensington Protective Fly Boots are strong, durable, flexible lower leg wraps to protect your horse's legs from biting flies. Flies around the sensitive lower legs are very annoying for horses, who will often stomp to try to get rid of them. Stomping is not particularly good for hooves and lower legs, so Kensington Protective Fly Boots are a must-have solution!

  • 73% UV protection
  • Durable, flexible
  • Stay upright
  • Resists mildew, dirt, fading, fire
  • XL size fits Horse 1200-1500lbs
  • For front or hind legs
  • One pair - 2 boots total

These fabulous Kensington fly boot wraps are made of the same strong Textilene fabric used in Kensington fly sheets and fly masks. Three Velcro closures and integrated stays allow the wraps to stay upright and in place. We love fly boots, not only for keeping the flies, mud, and sand off but because it keeps foot stomping to a minimum and reduces the amount of fly spray needed. One pair.

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