K9 Advantix II Large Dog (21-55 lbs)

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K9 Advantix II Large Dog (21-55 lbs)

K9 Advantix II Large Dog repels and kills mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, biting flies and lice to give your big dog comfort and better health. K9 Advantix II from Bayer HealthCare is a topical liquid that starts working within 12 hours of application. It continues working for up to 4 weeks. This flea repellent is recommended for dogs 21-55 pounds and are at least 7 weeks old. Advantix II prevents development of fleas at every stage, from eggs, larvae, to full grown adult fleas. What's more, when your treated dog comes in contact with larval fleas, on bedding for example, those fleas are killed, too.

Advantix II Large Dog repels and kills deer ticks, brown dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, and deer ticks, the ones that are the vector for Lyme disease. It also repels and kills mosquitoes and chewing lice. Simply apply a full tube of the liquid as directed and let it go to work driving away those annoying pests. Reapply each month to keep your dog healthy and happy.

  • 4 doses, a 4 month supply
  • Bayer HealthCare
  • Made in Germany
  • Do not use on cats