Jeremiah Watt Plains Indian Snaffle

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Jeremiah Watt Plains Indian Snaffle is one of those bits that make the English riders jealous. Gorgeously detailed engraved rings make this Western bit so beautiful, artistic, and appealing. This 5" sweet iron Western smooth snaffle has copper inlay to encourage salivation and softening. Weaver collaborated with Jeremiah Watt to develop the Sagebrush Series Bits. Jeremiah Watt brings his expertise as a custom bit maker, hardware designer and saddlemaker to this Weaver Leather line and the result is impressive. Starting with the proper function of the bit, Watt builds on the design until he achieves the synthesis of function and form he desires. His creativity, knowledge, and talent come to fruition with this magnificent Plains Indian Snaffle.

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  • Size 5
  • 2.75" rings
  • Weaver # 25-6034