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Ice Horse Ice Rider Elbow/Ankle Wrap


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Ice Horse Ice Rider Elbow/Ankle Wrap
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Ice Rider Elbow/Ankle Wrap from the makers of the Ice Horse products you know and love for your horse! Designed for equestrians and other athletes who are likely to experience pain and soreness from injury or overuse. The comfortable wrap molds to your ankle or elbow with maximum coverage, delivering cold therapy where it's needed.

Specialty Quadraspan fabric is secure, breathable, and comfortable. It compresses the ice uniformly onto treatment area for optimal effect. Sturdy Velcro closures create a tight, adjustable fit and allow easy removal. Ice therapy can be indicated for preventative care, reducing inflammation in areas prone to soreness. First+Ice pack is reusable. When icing session is finished, return pack to freezer and it will be ready to use again within hours.

  • One size Elbow/Ankle Wrap fits all
  • One First+Ice Insert included