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I Rock N Ride Wireless Speaker by Hoofbeatz Audio


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I Rock N Ride Wireless Speaker by Hoofbeatz Audio
horseback riding music system
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I Rock N Ride Wireless Speaker by Hoofbeatz Audio

From Hoofbeatz Audio, the I Rock N Ride wireless speaker uses hands-free wireless technology to bring music and more to your saddle time. If you love music as much as you love horses, the I Rock n Ride is singing your song! The unique curved mini speaker attaches to your English or western saddle and lets you use your iOS (Siri) and Android voice prompts to access music, podcasts, phone, and apps. Meanwhile, your phone is safely tucked away so you don't risk dropping it while you're juggling reins and crop. The high quality speaker even allows you to connect with your trainer so she can just tell you calmly to add more leg or use the outside rein without shouting it across the arena again. You can voice text your friends, ask Siri if you're on the correct diagonal, or listen to equestrian themed podcasts for inspiration and amusement.
Created especially for the needs and wants of equestrians who love music and like to stay connected. You could even try playing soothing melodies to calm a nervous horse! Simply use the rubber strap to attach the saddle speaker to the dee rings on your English saddle. For Western saddles, attach to the horn, around the swell, or the with the dee ring for the tie strap holder. Illustrated directions, written in plain English, are included in the box. I Rock N Ride is lightweight, super portable, rechargeable, and comes in fun colors. Get inspired, stay connected, and enjoy your favorite music while you ride! In Brown, Aqua, Coral, Black.

I Rock N Ride Wireless Speaker includes:

  • Speaker (20 mm) with Polymer L ion battery and 2 W amplifier power
  • Saddle attachment band
  • USB charger cable and 3.5 mm cable
  • Easy instruction sheet