Hygain Recuperate

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Hygain Recuperate

Hygain Recuperate Electrolyte and B-Vitamins Supplement for horses replenishes electrolytes and nutrients lost during exercise. Recuperate from Hygain is a highly concentrated paste that helps horses who are stressed and need to recover from exercise and competition.

Hygain Recuperate's unique blend contains B-Vitamins, natural Vitamin E, and electrolytes that are digested and metabolized rapidly. B-Vitamins help your horse convert carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids to energy. The horse's body does not store these vitamins in large quantities so supplementation helps facilitate the process. Electrolytes in Recuperate include sodium, chloride, magnesium, and potassium.

The Recuperate 1 fluid ounce dose provides the nutrients your horse needs to stimulate thirst, appetite, metabolism, blood cell production, energy, and muscle recovery. Hygain Recuperate can be used before and after intense exercise and competition. It can be added to drinking water, top dressed on feed, or applied directly on horse's tongue. A clean syringe (without needle, of course) would be easiest for applying on the tongue.

  • Pre- and Post Exercise Supplement
  • Highly Concentrated B-Vitamins
  • Critical Electrolytes
  • Rapidly Metabolized and Digested
  • 200ml/6.762 fluid ounce bottle