Hydra Tack Sponges

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Hydra Honeycomb Tack Sponges are heavy duty sponges for serious tack cleaning. These rounded sponges in several sizes are extremely absorbent and have a polyester base for durability. They will not harden and can even be boiled to sterilize them. The Hydra Sponge Co. makes a great variety of sponges for tack cleaning, horse bathing, and barn chores like cleaning buckets. These tack sponges include the HST-1 that is 4-4.5" diameter, the HST-2 that's 4.5-5" diameter, the HST-3 that's 5-5.5" diameter, and the extra large HST-4 that's 5.5-6" diameter, perfect for saddle cleaning. Get a variety of sizes and you'll have the right size for any tack care job.

  • Orange 4-4.5" - HST-1
  • Red 4.5-5" - HST-2
  • Green 5-5.5" - HST-3
  • Blue 5.5-6" - HST-4
  • Made in USA