Hoof Alive Coronet Soaker

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Hoof-Alive Coronet Soaker

Hoof-Alive Coronet Soaker provides extra care for injured and compromised horse hooves. From the makers of Hoof-Alive Ointment, the Coronet Soaker is used with the ointment to deliver moisture at the source of hoof growth. The soaker helps draw Hoof Alive Ointment into this area to encourage healthy tissue growth.

The horse's coronet, or coronary band, is where hoof growth begins. If there's dryness or cracking in this vulnerable area, hoof growth and quality is affected. Apply Hoof-Alive on the inside of the fleece soaker. Wrap the soaker gently around the coronet band then cover with self-adhesive veterinary tape like VetRap to keep the fleece clean and free of shavings and debris. The Hoof-Alive Coronet Soaker can be used continuously for up to 2 weeks. An additional tablespoon of Hoof-Alive Ointment can be added every other day to replenish. Do not use products other than Hoof-Alive Ointment with the Hoof-Alive Coronet Soaker.

  • Set of two fleece soaker wraps
  • Adjustable webbed straps
  • Easy velcro closure
  • Use with Hoof Alive Ointment
  • Use with 3M VetRap for best results