HKM Marrakesh Cooler

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HKM Marrakesh Cooler

One glance at the HKM Marrakesh Cooler and you'll know it's not the typical fleece cooler for horses! Fancy Marrakesh Cooler has a quilted satin top and is finished with not one, not two, but three satin cords. The quilted satin is lightweight and breathable while adding shine to your horse's wardrobe.

  • Quilted satin top
  • Microfleece interior
  • Beige with fancy trim
  • Fleece withers
  • Belly straps, tail strap
  • Front closure

HKM Marrakesh Cooler in beige satin has cream, orange, and brown cords that create an upscale, luxurious look. The lightweight blanket is lined with wicking, fast drying fleece and has sherpa fleece at the wither for comfort. There are adjustable, removable surcingles at the belly, front closures, and a tail strap. HKM Marrakesh Cooler is a very special cooler that's perfect for making a statement at horse shows!

For help with measuring and sizing a blanket, Mary's How To Fit A Blanket Guide has the step-by-step information you need.

(No reviews yet)

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