Goode Rider Seamless Designer Knee Patch Tights

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Goode Rider Seamless Designer Knee Patch Tights take women's riding breech comfort to a much higher level. Best of all, the super comfortable compression fabric is seriously flattering. Substantial enough to not show every tiny imperfection, the material is a ribbed, stretch polyamide/Spandex blend. Seamless construction means no chafing and all-over comfort.

The versatile waistband has tummy control and can be worn two ways - high (to natural waist) or folded down lower. Knees are ventilated and the knee patches are patterned silicone for excellent grip. Center back flat zip pocket with reflective piping gives you a spot for coffee money. Comfort, high-tech performance fabric, and rideability make the Goode Rider Seamless Breeches a casual riding apparel winner. If you already wear your breeches for hours after you leave the barn, be prepared to wear these Goode Rider tights hours before, too. Whether you're headed to the gym, to walk the dogs, or go for a run, you will always grab these first. Two colors, you may as well get both.

  • Moisture wicking
  • Breathable with 'fresh forever" anti-bacterial fabric
  • Adjustable waist height
  • Flattering fit