Good Medicine My Father's Blanket Saddle Blanket - More Colors!

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My Father's Blanket Navajo saddle pad is not just great looking, it adds meaningful design elements to your Western tack. Mustang Good Medicine Collection saddle blankets from Western Rawhide are handsome Navajo pads that tell a story. The designs honor the spirit and heritage of the Native Americans of the Plains. Each Western blanket style features symbols that evoke the storytelling of the Plains riders. While their painted hand prints and ringed eyes told stories of power and success in battle, these Western design saddle pads will resonate with the modern rider.
Distinctive Navajo saddle blankets for horses are designed in the USA then hand loomed in India using 100% New Zealand wool. Generously sized at 38" x 34". The My Father's Blanket symbols include the chevron, a feather pattern that honors the creator as well as being a prayer symbol. The saddle bag signifies a long journey, while the Greek key scroll means renewal. Together, these patterns honor the past and embrace life's journeys and new beginnings. A beautiful sentiment for a beautiful saddle blanket!

  • 100% wool
  • 38" x 34"
  • Good Medicine Collection by Western Rawhide
  • White/Brown, White/Blue, Rust/White, and Red/Black