Freejump Liberty Air Mini Chaps

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Freejump Liberty Air Mini Chaps

Freejump Liberty Air Mini Chaps are specialized half chaps to wear with your Freejump Liberty Riding Shoes. These high tech half chaps are intended for competitive riding and have several outstanding features with athletic performance in mind. The Liberty Air has a unique 2 zipper design that allows a very close designed for the competition ring. The second zipper in the back coordinates with the front zipper to assure a comfortable, sleek fit. In addition, the second zipper can be opened after your ride to allow welcome ventilation and cooling.

Liberty Air Mini Chaps from Freejump are made of high quality vegetal tanned leather. This type of leather does not undergo processing with heavy metals and is safer for the industry workers as well as the environment. The leather has a superior warmth, look, and feel. Zippers are sturdy large size YKK that will stand up to rigorous use. These half chaps do not have the standard elastic band that fits under a paddock boot. Instead, the Liberty Concept system allows the mini chap to attach easily to the Liberty Air Shoe with Velcro. The stretch and flexibility, modern look, and supportive, strong design allow the rider to have all the comfort and performance they demand. In Regular sizes plus Short and Tall. Stock on hand is limited but we are happy to order what you want. Call or email and we'll make it happen!

  • Black vegetal tanned leather
  • Double zippers for custom fit
  • Liberty Shoes sold separately

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