Western and Trail Helmets

Horseback riding has inherent dangers and wearing an approved equestrian helmet is highly recommended for virtually every type of riding. Western riders have great options with Mary's Tack & Feed's excellent stock of horseback riding helmets for men, women, and children that are suitable for trail riding and Western disciplines.

The Troxel Sierra sports traditional Western styling while offering crucial head protection that a cowboy hat can't. Streamlined styles from Tipperary, Ovation, and Troxel are lightweight, ventilated, and easy to clean. The low profile design means you won't miss a beat when running barrels, chasing a calf, or loping along a scenic trail.

Mary's only sells ASTM and SEI approved and tested equestrian helmets to help keep you safer when you ride. We carry a wide range of sizes to fit adults and children, as well as several color choices, all at the best price. If you're a Western enthusiast, we have helmets that will work well with your style of riding, giving you a safer, more comfortable ride.