Spurs, Whips & Crops

Shopping for riding whips and crops? English or Western spurs? Mary's Tack and Feed has the best selection of your favorite styles and brands in stock right now! From spurs to spur straps, from bats and crops to dressage whips and even whip accessories like clips and replacement poppers, you'll find everything you need in a variety of sizes and colors when you shop with us.

Whether you're looking for basic stainless steel spurs for schooling or showing or you like artistic embellishment, we've got it all right here. For every riding style and every fashion style, for schooling and for show, Mary's Tack and Feed is your source for horseback riding whips and spurs. With brands like Stubben, Centaur, Bob Avila, Herm Sprenger, Fleck, Beval and more, Mary's is your source for the best in whips, crops, bats, spurs, and spur accessories.