Specialty Boots

Not all horses have the same needs, which is why Mary's Tack and Feed offers a diverse assortment of specialty horse boots for horses of all types and sizes. From protective hoof boots to therapeutic soaking boots and cold boots, these specialty boots promise to heal wounds and injuries and keep your horse protected in potentially harmful situations. Hoof boots offer full coverage that provides grip and support while riding on rough terrain, protection in the case of a lost shoe and cushioning for long-distance riding. These boots come from top brands like Easyboot and Cavallo, and they come in a number of styles to choose from. Mary's even offers hoof boots with built-in cooling features that provide soothing relief for laminitis, bruises and other ailments. If you want to prevent your horse from getting painful bedsores, Mary's also carries high quality fetlock boots and hock boots that shield their most sensitive leg areas. Ceramic and magnetic boots from incredibly innovative brands like Ice Horse and EquiFit offer many different ways to treat leg injuries, while soaking boots make it easy to treat hooves affected by abscesses.