Training Halters

Whether you're training a young, green horse or keeping your tried-and-true equine companion from developing bad habits, you need a great training halter to keep you feeling connected and in control. Mary's Tack and Feed carries a large assortment of high-quality, brand-name lunging halters, blocker training halters, and regular training halters at competitive low prices to keep your tack room stocked. Mikmar training halters provide complete control during groundwork, with no painful pinching or bothersome locking. These Mikmar halters allow the rider to apply and release pressure at his or her discretion, making training much more effective. Mary's also carries Mikmar lunging rings, perfect for lunging your horse to get extra energy out before a ride or for training purposes. Shop other helpful training halters such as the Blocker Control Halter or the Blocker Nylon Training Halter for the highest quality at the most affordable prices you'll find anywhere. For your training halter needs, Mary's Tack and Feed is a one-stop, convenient shop that you can browse from the comfort of your own home.