FenCare Safe-Guard Feed Dewormer


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FenCare Safe-Guard Medicated Feed Equine Dewormer

Farnam FenCare Safe-Guard Dewormer is a pelleted feed equine dewormer with fenbendazole as the key ingredient to prevent and treat parasites. FenCare horse dewormer has Safe-Guard 1.96% fenbendazole that is effective against large strongyles, small strongyles, roundworms, and pinworms. If your horse isn't fond of paste dewormers, try FenCare! FenCare comes in a single dose pack of pelleted feed with apple flavor. You can feed it alone or with grain and supplements.

  • 5 ounce pack
  • Single dose
  • Safe-Guard 1.96% fenbendazole
  • Apple flavored pellets

FenCare Safe-Guard Medicated Feed Dewormer is an excellent way to deworm horses without fuss or drama. There's no need to withhold food or water before or after administering it. Just make sure your horse eats the full amount he needs for proper protection. One five ounce packet will deworm a horse up to 1250 pounds. Read all directions carefully before using and consult your equine veterinarian for parasite control advice and answers. Farnam FenCare Equine Dewormer with Safe-Guard Medicated Feed is approved for horses, including pregnant mares and breeding stallions.

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