EQyss Premier Pet Rehydrant Spray

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EQyss Premier Pet Rehydrant Spray

EQyss Premier Pet Rehydrant Spray moisturizes the coat and skin with natural botanical ingredients. This silicone-free formula enhances coat color and binds moisture to the hair and skin while repelling dirt and dust. A great detangler, Premier Rehydrant Spray can be used on either wet or dry hair and leaves no residue.

EQyss Premier Pet Rehydrant Spray is a non-toxic grooming spray that can be used daily to keep the coat & skin moisturized and healthy. Great for dogs with dry, flaky skin and those requiring frequent bathing. There are no petroleum products, toxic chemicals, or waxes, just soothing quality botanicals that are safe to use even on puppies. EQyss is a cruelty-free company so you can feel good about that, too. Premier Natural Botanical Pet Spray is available at Mary's in the 16 oz. spray bottle.

  • 16 oz spray bottle
  • No silicone, wax, petroleum, or synthetic polymers
  • Made by EQyss