EquiPing Safety Tether

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EquiPing is a reusable plastic ring that makes tying your horse or pony safer and easier.

  • Easy to open and close
  • Stays secure until release is needed
  • Reusable
  • Reduces the risk of injuries
Use EquiPings anywhere you'd tie a horse or pony - tie rings in stalls or barns, cross ties, inside and outside your trailer, tie rails, and as a just-in-case while trail riding. These reusable plastic tie rings are stable and secure during normal circumstances, but will "PING" open when enough force is applied (for instance, if your horse panics and pulls back sharply) to help avoid injury to a struggling horse. Leadropes slide through smoothly, so it's easy to tie to, and the EquiPing won't twist around your leadrope like baling twine or yarn does. The Equi-Ping tether is resusable - just snap the prongs back together once it has "pinged".

EquiPings are easy to pop open or closed, so move them around as much as you want - once you start using the Equi-Ping to tie your horse or pony, you won't want to tie any other way. While the EquiPing tether can't prevent all injuries, you'll feel good knowing that you've significantly reduced the risk to your horse, and it's definitely cheaper than a broken halter or a broken horse! Plus, they look much classier than a barn or trailer full of baling twine loops.

EquiPing is designed to be used with all four prongs engaged, but if you want it to "ping" more easily (for instance, for a smaller horse or pony), just snap three prongs instead.

EquiPing tie rings are available in a variety of colors.