ECP Equine Focus Equine Matrix 1.8kg

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ECP Equine Focus Equine Matrix

Equine Matrix ECP - Equine Focus Organic Supplement in this larger, 1.8kg size, is ideal for multiple horse barns. Developed by organic supplement company Mushroom Matrix, ECP is an all-natural, whole-food supplement for performance horses that encourages focus and health. ECP Matrix is created to promote focus and reduce hyperactivity naturally without the use of calming pastes, sedative drugs or synthetic chemicals. This overall health supplement also supports gut health, which has been linked to distraction, and builds natural coping abilities during travel, changes in training, stall lay-ups or other stressful situations.

Mushroom Matrix ECP contains only Certified Organic mushrooms and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It is also 100 percent gluten-free and vegan. Simply administer Equine Matrix ECP Equine Focus to your horse daily and you'll start to notice a more positive attitude without masking the true nature that you love about your horse.

Anti-Doping Certification by FEI Laboratory- ECP Matrix is certified to be safe for showing up to FEI/Olympic levels. 100% certified organic- grown and produced in San Marcos, California.

ECP Matrix Ingredients: Contains proprietary, performance-tested strains of the following Certified Organically Grown Mushrooms: Cordyceps militaris, Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail), Pleurotus eryngii (King Trumpet), Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), Antrodia camphorata.

  • 1.8 kg tub provides 180 maintenance servings

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