Dobert Big Flap Leather Crop

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Döbert Big Flap Leather Crop

Döbert Big Flap Leather Crop has a flexible nylon core and a long, wide keeper end. The Big Flap Leather Crop has a smooth nylon shaft (not covered in fabric) in black while the tip and wavy grip are chocolate brown leather. The shaft has a brand sticker in silver lettering.

Döbert riding crop for all purpose use is a versatile 65cm. It has a braided knots on either end of the grip. The 4.5" long by 1.5" wide keeper makes a decided slapping sound and could be used in a pinch to flip pancakes on a griddle. Made in Germany, this Döbert crop gives the rider top quality with a distinctive look.

  • 65cm
  • Black nylon shaft
  • Leather knots on grip
  • Chocolate brown grip and keeper