Dacia Earrings by Cassiano Designs

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The Cassiano Designs Dacia Earrings have antique charm with black CZ stones and oxidized leaf drop jackets. Dacia Earrings are sterling silver and the jackets are a twisted leaf design that is romantic and feminine. Oxidized silver is simply sterling silver that is exposed to pressurized oxygen with sulfur. The result is a slightly blackened, tarnished appearance that makes it look antique. Even better, oxidized silver does not need to be polished and can be worn in any environment.

The black CZ stones on posts can be worn on their own as stud earrings without the leaf jackets. The jackets can be used with your other stud earrings, too, giving the Dacia Earrings countless options for wearing. Cassiano Designs earrings from the studio of Janelle Cassiano are a beautiful and unique blend of art and fashion, a smart addition to your chic equestrian lifestyle.

  • .925 Sterling
  • Two piece design
  • Oxidized silver for vintage look
  • Black cubic zirconia stones