Classic Equine ESP Felt Top Round Saddle Pad

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Classic Equine Felt Saddle Pad in the rounded barrel pad shape has a 3/8" wool blend top that gives excellent shock absorption and protection. It resists compression and matting for a longer life. The 1/2" Memory foam middle layer continuously molds and conforms to the shape of the back then rebounds to its original shape when pressure is removed. This minimizes pressure points and relieves stress. The open cell material allows airflow and pulls sweat away from the horse. 5/8" Orthopedic grade felt bottom soaks up moisture, and releases heat from your horse's back. It conforms to the horses back while maintaining density, and provides excellent shock absorption.

This felt is washable so sweat and dirt can be washed away as needed. Cut out over withers and contoured to fit your horse's back with a split design that allows the pad to move with the horse; butterfly cut for closer leg contact. Designed to be used alone or with a blanket. Rounded in back to go with round saddle skirts.

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  • Classic Equine # CESPF1B
  • Size 28 x 28