Cheata Trotter Sports Bra

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At last, the Cheata Trotter is a sports bra designed with the equestrian in mind! It's no surprise to horseback riders that this is a very active sport. For the ladies, whether you're racing barrels, extending a trot, or flying over an oxer, gravity is wreaking havoc on your chest. Female riders need a properly supportive bra, especially if they are well-endowed. The Cheata Trotter bra is a mighty weapon in the Battle of the Bounce. This sleek, smoothing minimizer bra is ideally suited to women who want stability and comfort. The ingenious hidden zipper in back maintains the smooth profile and allows you to put on and take off the undergarment without dislocating a shoulder. The downward directional zipper with long pull tab also works with the front and side panels to immobilize breasts.

Racerback style sports bra gives you the highest level of shoulder and arm mobility and a flattering fit. Complete front coverage and a Maximum Impact rating. The Trotter Bra uses balanced breast weight distribution for a lighter feeling and comfortable restricted movement without needing to be tight. The amazing Stretx custom fabric resists shifting, moves with you, is breathable and moisture wicking, and won't stretch out, even when wet. Whether you're being asked to sit the trot in a lesson or competitive class, the Cheata Trotter gives you the extra confidence and comfort required to get it done more gracefully. Helps reduce bumps and bulges for a sleeker look under show shirts and jackets. You just might even be inspired to buy more horse show photos!

  • Small (33 - 34"), Medium (35 - 36"), Large (37 - 38"), Extra Large (39 - 40"), XXLarge (41 - 42")

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