Cheata Trotter Sports Bra Tank Style

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The Cheata Trotter Tank - for when the bounce is not just a jump gymnastic. Equestrian women know that horseback riding at any gait can be a high impact sport. Most riders need a proper support bra and many want a little something more. The Trotter Tank is that something more that will help you and your girls feel more stable and secure. Full racerback tank bra is a wonderful minimizer and shaper that gives you a trimmer, smoother appearance under your show coat. Let's face it, show coats can be awfully close fitting, especially for the well endowed. Having a supportive undergarment can make all the difference in your comfort and confidence.

The Trotter Bra uses custom Stretx fabric and clever design for balanced breast weight distribution. The result is a noticeably lighter feeling and comfortable restricted movement that is not tight. The Cheata resists shifting and moves with you. It is breathable and moisture wicking, and won't stretch out, even when wet. The hidden zipper in back of the Trotter Tank allows contortion-free dressing and removal and works with the side and front panels for optimal breast immobilization. Racerback style tank gives you the greatest shoulder and arm mobility and flattering fit. The tank style riding bra provides the ultimate coverage and a Maximum Impact rating. Whether sitting the trot while schooling or competing, the Cheata Trotter Tank gives you extra confidence and bounce-free comfort. Your show coat will fit smoothly and look better, and the longer tank style reduces tummy bulges and jiggles, too. It's all good under the hood, thanks to the Cheata Trotter Tank!

  • Small (33 - 34"), Medium (35 - 36"), Large (37 - 38"), Extra Large (39 - 40")

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