CATAGO FIR-Tech Quarter Rug

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CATAGO FIR-Tech Quarter Rug/Sheet

The CATAGO FIR-Tech Quarter Rug helps keep your horse's muscles warm and ready to go at the shows or on chilly days. The lightweight but durable quarter sheet is made with Synthermax ceramic particle fabric. The heat from the horse's body is reflected back into soft tissues as far infrared waves that encourage better circulation and healing.

  • Easy to attach and remove
  • FIR-Tech ceramic therapy
  • Supports soothing and healing

CATAGO FIR-Tech Quarter Rug covers the hard working hind quarters area where the largest muscle groups are. Having these muscles warm and ready to work is important for competition horses, especially in jumping and dressage. Ceramic particle therapy is a drug-free way to give horses extra comfort and a competitive edge.

(No reviews yet)

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