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Bucking Rolls


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Bucking Rolls
Bucking Rolls
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Bucking Rolls make sense if you know how to use them! Bucking Rolls are a cowboy tack specialty item that consists of two padded pouches to add to the front of your Western saddle. The bucking rolls are connected by a strap and attaches to your saddle swells, one on each side. The leather rolls add additional bulk to your saddle swells, helping the rider stay in the saddle when the going gets rough. Can be attached with saddle strings or screws. Bucking rolls from Western Rawhide are crafted of supple leather that's soft to the feel and durable. Rodeo, roping, ranch work, colt starting, and working with a challenging horse are all good reasons to invest in bucking rolls for Western saddles. From Western Rawhide of Canada.