Breyer The Gangsters Driving Ponies

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Breyer The Gangsters Driving Ponies

The Gangsters are 2 little ponies with talent and heart and clever names that led to their nickname. Tony Da Pony is a Shetland/Welsh pony and Bugsy Maloney is a Classic American Shetland. They compete in the FEI Advanced level of Combined Driving with their owner, Mary Phelps. Combined driving, like eventing, has 3 phases. Horse and pony teams do dressage, marathon, and cones. Small ponies can have an advantage with their ability to maneuver around the cones.

These new Breyer models in Traditional size depict the 2 athletic and handsome ponies with a proud, alert expression. Bugsy Maloney is the one with the unique mostly white coloring. Tony Da Pony has a big star on his face. This is a nice set of 2 pony models, great for playing or displaying together.

  • Breyer 1822
  • Traditional 1:9 scale
  • Gift set includes both models shown
  • Ages 8+