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Breyer Illumination Mustang


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Breyer Illumination model horse
Red, clear, blue acrylic Mustang
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Breyer Illumination Mustang Limited Edition - 1 Per Customer Please

Breyer Illumination Mustang is here at Mary's! Mary's Tack & Feed is a proud Flagship Breyer Dealer that has this Limited Edition patriotic Breyer model in store! This stunning clear acrylic model is painted in vibrant shades of red and blue with fireworks patterns. The model is absolutely breathtaking with its wild mane, expressive face, and active pose. 

Illumination is a mustang horse, the classic equine symbol of America's freedom and unquenchable pioneering spirit. The beloved mustang is combined here with another traditional American symbol, fireworks! Every Independence Day, Americans enjoy spectacular fireworks displays to celebrate the birth of our nation and its promise of an even better future. Fireworks were originally called illuminations and were brought to the New World by European colonists. Breyer's Illumination is a truly impressive embodiment of beauty, power, passion, and freedom. This is a special Limited Edition run of only 3500 models and is not sold by every Breyer dealer. If you are a collector of Breyer horses, mustang models, or Americana, do not delay! 

To allow fellow Breyer enthusiasts a chance to own this beautiful Breyer horse we are limiting purchases to 1 model per customer. Thank you for understanding.

  • Breyer #1799
  • Limited Edition run of 3500
  • Traditional 1:9 scale
  • Ages 8+