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Breyer Friends Musical Snow Globe 2017


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Breyer Friends Musical Snow Globe 2017
Snowy scene at base
Snowman with woodland animals inside globe
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Breyer Friends Musical Snow Globe 2017

New for 2017! Breyer A Gathering of Friends Musical Snow Globe has a charming holiday scene of animal friends creating a snowman. A fox, squirrel, rabbit, horse, and birds surround a festive snowman in the woods. The palomino, of course, is eyeing the snowman's carrot nose. The base of the Breyer musical snow globe features a nighttime scene of snowy woods, with a handsome stag adding to the peaceful winter vignette. Gently turn over the Breyer snow globe then set it upright and watch the snow swirl around. Wind up the Gathering of Friends musical globe and you'll hear the music box rendition of "Deck the Halls". Breyer horse themed holiday ornaments and decorations are so rewarding to collect, giving you a tradition to enjoy with family and friends for years to come.

  • Not a toy
  • 3.5" wide x 5" high
  • Breyer #W700238
  • Boxed for gift giving