Breyer Classics Grulla Paint Horse


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Breyer Freedom Series (Classics) Grulla Paint Horse

Very appealing Breyer Freedom Series Grulla Paint Horse is a great addition to a collection or a gift for those who love unusual horse colors. This flashy Breyer model horse has a tri color coat with white, black, and grulla, a tan/grey color. She has a stock horse body type, ready for working cattle or Western competitions. The galloping pose is perfect for active play - maybe even a polo match!

Classics sized Breyers are a wonderful value and there are so many accessories for them. Mary's has a great selection of Breyer Freedom Series horse tack, play kits, and rider dolls in the Classics size.

  • Breyer #946
  • Classics 1:12 scale
  • Ages 4+
  • Freedom Series
(No reviews yet)