Breyer Classics Buckskin Hanoverian


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Breyer Freedom Series (Classics) Buckskin Hanoverian

Breyer Freedom Series Buckskin Hanoverian is a lovely mix of color and athleticism, a nice sport horse to add to your Breyer herd. The Buckskin Hanoverian horse in Breyer Classics 1:12 scale represents one of the most popular warmblood breeds from Europe. The Hanoverian gets its name from the former German kingdom where these horses were first bred. With their good size, substantial bone, and stamina, the Hanoverian made a wonderful carriage and military horse.

Today, Hanoverian horses are popular for jumping, dressage, hunting, and more. The Breyer Freedom Series Buckskin Hanoverian displays the beauty and strength that make this breed a favorite of many competitors. Hand painted in 1:12 Classics scale.

  • Breyer 953
  • Classics 1:12 scale
  • Ages 4+
  • Freedom Series
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