Breyer Favory Airiella Gift Set

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Breyer Favory Airiella Gift Set

The Breyer Favory Airiella mare and foal set is a unique one from the Breyer Traditional line. The set features Airiella, a grey Lipizzan mare. Her foal is Favory Airiella, who gets his name from his dam and sire (Favory). The unusual part is that Favory Airiella is a mature grey Lipizzan stallion. He is depicted here, however, as he looked when he was a little bay colt. He is definitely worth remembering that way because he looks awfully cute!

The Lipizzan is well known for its dressage and classical training prowess. Famous at the Spanish Riding School performances, Lipizzans are beautiful and athletic. The breed is one of the oldest in Europe but Favory Airiella is part of the largest privately-owned Lipizzan herd, Tempel Lipizzans in Illinois, USA. Enjoy this beautiful Breyer mare and foal set that represents a very special horse breed!

  • Breyer 1827
  • Traditional 1:9 scale
  • Mare and foal included
  • Ages 8+