Breyer Espresso Springtime Filly

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Breyer special collectible Espresso is part of the Springtime Filly series. This unique Breyer model horse foal is sized slightly bigger than Traditional scale. Espresso is Number 2 in the Springtime Filly Series (Camilla is Number 1) and she is certainly a cutie pie. Espresso is an impressive 1:6 scale (Traditional is 1:9) and measures approximately 10" at the top of her ears. The charming model captures that new foal moment of testing out her feet and seeing what's around her. The coloring is a deep liver chestnut blanket Appaloosa with a flashy star, large snip and 3 socks. Very fancy model with the size and look to make it particularly appealing for collectors and as a special gift.

  • Breyer #9197
  • 1:6 scale
  • Number 2 in Springtime Filly series